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Triumph Together

Hope Is Where the Heart Is

Who We Are

Triumph Together is a non-profit program under the Mitchell Thorp Foundation that works to connect collegiate and professional athletes with kids at Children's Hospitals by getting them tickets to games, meet and greets with players, signed gear, videos of encouragement before surgeries, etc.

We create long lasting involvement for kids who are unable to be involved in a normal sports fan experience. Sports are about community and passion, and we want to expand the reach for kids who may not have that opportunity.

Why We Help

Sports are special because they give people a sense of
community, hope, and most importantly something to believe in.

That’s what these kids need right now. They need something to
look forward to, something to believe in, and to know someone
is thinking of them during those extra tough days.

These kids are going through something that nobody should
have to go through, and they deserve a day to enjoy life and not think about their health.

Where Donations Go

Your donations not only go towards creating once in a lifetime experiences for these kids, but it also helps pay for families rent, food, gas and medical expenses if they're not able to afford it. 

We are also always looking for sponsors for our sports experiences and fundraising events.

“Be the light that inspires others to dream.”

 Ken Poirot

ASU Football6.JPG

"There are people in your life whom you unknowingly inspire simply by being you"


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