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Boston College Women's Hockey

Sydney is 7 years old and is diagnosed with Leukemia. Her dad and brother both play hockey, so she loves the sport and wants to start playing after she's cancer free. We connected her with the BC hockey team and to say they got a fan for life is an understatement. The girls surprised her with a signed jersey and she got to watch warmups from the bench. Sydney now follows every away game on tv and cheers the girls on at every home game in person. She even started hockey lessons because of her time with the team.

"Our experience with Triumph Together and the women’s Boston College hockey team was honestly life-changing. Our son who is a hockey lover and our daughter who is 2 years cancer free now saw these young women play, and it honestly gave our daughter the confidence and the push she needed. After fighting cancer, trying new things frightened her, almost like she didn’t think she could because of what strength cancer took from her. The women at Boston College have impacted her life greatly. She still talks about it today.


Without Triumph Together putting on the event, I don’t think Sydney would have ever come out of her shell the way she did after meeting the team. She calls them “her friends at Boston College.” She remembers them and has clung safely to a few of them directly but overall the team and the coaches will always have their mark on our family."

- Sydney's Mom

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